375 g

Unadulterated herbal mix of 22 different medicinal herbs for better nutrient uptake, optimal metabolism and a better supply of skin, fur, bones, ligaments and tendons.


Stinging nettle, oak bark, gentian, chamomile, chestnut, hawthorn leaves, fireweed, peppermint, anise, calamus root, fennel, flax seeds, birch leaves, yarrow, leaf from marshmallow, fenugreek, plantain, couch grass root, mistletoe, melissa (lemon balm), seaweed, brewer‘s yeast, silica and biotin.

Analytical constituents per 1.000 g:

Crude protein 13.6%, crude fat 4.3%, crude fiber 9.4%, crude ash 21.1%, moisture 8.3%, calcium 3.96%, phosphorus 1.28%, sodium 0.64%, magnesium 0.5%, potassium 1.0%, manganese 96.2 mg, iron 3,864 mg, zinc 57.5 mg, copper 21.8 mg, vitamin A 15.000 IE, vitamin D3 1.000 IE, vitamin E 250 mg, 19.8 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2 11.3 mg, vitamin B6 9.3 mg, biotin 30.000 mcg, choline 525 mg, nicotinic acid 80 mg, pantothenic acid 20 mg, folic acid 2.7 ml


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